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Cris’s Half Assed Game Reviews (Anime #1): Sleeping With Hinako

Before I start, Half Assed Game Reviews doesn’t just cover games, it covers all kinds of things ranging from movies to food. Now, let’s go onward.

So after looking at a few gifs from this show, I decided to check it out to see what it was. I was actually very surprised by what I found.

The Plot: This thing has no plot at all. It’s a fucking waifu simulator. Seriously, the only episode of this thing is seriously just watching a girl sleep for 40 minutes while the camera looks at her cleavage, butt, and pube (she is clothed, but only barely). She occasionally giggles while sleeping and smiles. At some point she wakes up and grabs a midnight snack then goes back to sleep. Also she dreams about checking her weight at some point. 

Characters: The only character is Hinako, and if you want, you. Hinako occasionally talks to the camera in a second person perspective, so she’s basically talking to you. She will tell you things but you’re probably not even listening because you keep looking at her curves, and it’s not even your fault really, the camera keeps giving you this perspective, but odds are you are a fedora wearing scrublord who got their rocks off to this and didn’t mind it at all, to which I say, fuck you, she’s sleeping you asshole.

Thoughts: This is seriously the most pointless anime I have ever seen. If you actually got any enjoyment out of this, then you are probably living alone (or with your parents), and you have cheeto stains all over your shirt, and wear your fedora like some kind of fucking Medal of Honor. If you are the exact opposite of what I just described, then I don’t know what to think of you.

Final Verdict: Since it’s only one episode long, this was easy to review quickly so… My final rating for Sleeping with Hinako is:

Your drill did not pierce the heavens today. Better luck next time scrubby.